It seems bogus to say this, but as a cookie decorator, there are some sets you connect with on an emotional level. As my 5th graders say, “They get ya in ya feels”. When I was approached by my husband’s, friend to create an Animal Crossing set, I simply could not turn it down. The game characterized my childhood.

I remember sitting in our living room for hours on the GameCube picking weeds, shaking trees, and fishing in my little virtual world. I recall picking up the player’s guide from GameStop and being obsessed with the Cabana furniture set. Imagine, 20 years later and the rattan style is something I would actually put in my house. I created my own little world. Gryoids and Tom N0ook were my friends along with Robin, Lucky, and Roald. I found joy in digging up fossils and bringing them to Blathers for review (though he would always have to send them off because he couldn’t examine them himself… shoutout to Nintendo for making Blathers more intelligent in New Horizons…). I would anticipate Saturday nights when KK Slider would come to the train station and I could request a personal concert. I remember my brother being livid when I set the time back, got a million bells, and ultimately beat the game. Only to cause a weed and ghost infestation in our town; something that haunts me to this day as I play New Horizons. Needless to say, I refuse to time travel.

Even as the years have passed, I’ve found that my brother and I find a way to connect through the game. Odd, but true. You see, our relationship is a far cry from that of Peter and Susan Pevensie in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe or even Sarah and Rafe Cameron in OBX.

I couldn’t tell you if he reads my blog or not, but I read his (shameless plug)… more like stumble through as the work he’s doing is far beyond my comprehension. A graduate from Georgia Tech (a semester early mind you), my brother has always had a mind that sees things… differently than my own. It’s taken me 27 years to respect our differences.

When Schitt’s Creek come on the scene in 2015, my brother was probably one of the first to recognize it for the comedic genius it is. The banter between Alexis and David far too easily resembles our relationship, a feat no other TV sibling relationship has been able to capture. He immediately showed it to me. You must understand that my brother has told me to watch, read, listen to MANY things in my life. So much of my music, film, and literary taste stems from what he’s told me to explore. Much of which has told me what I don’t like…

My brother is, in every sense of the word, a techie. His place of comfort is uncomfortable conversations, ones filled with factual information that make you challenge your thoughts and opinions. As a “glass half full” type A people pleaser, I hate that. I want emotion. I want passion based on emotion. I want feelings in conversation. Not that his opinions don’t possess those things. He definitely has passion, but not based on what my opinions are based on. Try explaining that to a 14-year-old (or 27-year-old…)

Looking back on an argument we had surrounding Christmas 2020, I’m forced to view it through the lens of someone watching David and Alexis argue. Headstrong siblings just trying to get their point across, all the while realizing they’re in agreement the entire conversation. Perplexing, I know. Maybe we just like to argue with one another… Sorry mom and dad.

My brother isn’t always right, but 99% of the time I think he is. Because, 99% of the time we are in agreement with each other. It just may take five months of internalized frustration to realize it. It’s a fact that drives me to both deeply detest him, but also love him with the most inner fibers of my being. Our sibling relationship, on the outside looks odd. I don’t hang out with him constantly, I don’t post pictures of him on my Instagram, we don’t even live in the same state. Our occupations are drastically different from one another, yet we got into them for the same reason.

We love exploring new ideas. We love to question. We love to embrace a challenge. But we do all of these things in a very different manner from one another. And that’s okay. Different is okay. Cheating your way through winning Animal Crossing on GameCube, maybe not. But understanding. Understanding is the goal.



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